Bråboplan is a project with Eva Lundgren and her Förening “Imagine What You Can Do”. It is all about Urban Farming. This project supports the integration of new arrivals. It is a meeting point for everyone who wants to learn how to grow their own vegetables in the city. The growing boxes are often shared between 2 or 3 people. The project is seasonal and begins around February with indoor meetings to start growing the plants and after the last frost has let up the plants are taken outside to the growing boxes around April.

This is a great place for beginners who want to learn how to farm and grow their own, or if you would like to share your farming experience you are more then welcome to join as well. We are hoping to develop the park and make it an established park where people go to relax, look at the plants and enjoy a piece of nature within the city.

Glocal Garden

The Glocal Garden is a shared urban farm between Hyresbostäder, Eugeniadotters Kafé and Local Wave, located on Kungsgatan in Norrköping. We grow herbs and vegetables together, plan a watering schedule and joint gardening activities. Anyone is welcome & no experience is needed.We divide responsibilities of watering and gardening between us. You can grow and harvest your own vegetables and take part in events,  where you can learn more about gardening.

Greenhouse project

The Greenhouse project started as a small scale building project connected to one of our other projects, where we started to plan, draw and construct a greenhouse, using reused materials. However, some projects run into problems and this is one of those. Therefore we decided to move it, both timewise and location wise. The greenhouse project is therefore planned to resume when our resources allow for yet another project.

If you are interested in construction and want to be in from the beginning, this is a perfect project. Everyone can join, with or without experience.

Building a dragon

Hults Bruk Smidecentrum in Åby is designing a nature inspired playground for the young visitors.  We are very happy that we can be part in co-creating and building a wooden dragon that will serve as a playful installation in the park. The cooperation with Hults Bruk is all about creating new constructions out reused materials. The dragon will be ready in Spring 2019.

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