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Welcome to Local Wave!

Local Wave is an ideell förening, which strives to improve the sense of a local network by connecting people throw the passion of having a sustainable lifestyle. We want to enable and empower people, create a knowledge sharing community, collaborate with local business and create new public venues for meetings, learning and cultural exchange.

The idea of local wave started with a passion for healthy food and food waste reduction and has transformed from creating a gardening app to what we are today – a non profit organization focusing on empowering others through initiation sustainable projects such as urban farming . In the long run we want to build a network of people, who enable and inspire each other to reduce our impact on mother earth and live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. We initiate projects, such as Urban farming or Outdoor activities  in Norrköping in where everyone is welcome.

The Local Wave team, led by Anna Blume, is made up of international and local people with backgrounds ranging from business to urban planning to environmental studies and physics.


Anna Blume
Anna BlumeFounder & Project Manager
I am the main contact person and support the team in all areas.
Contact: anna@localwave.se
Maja Torrång
Maja TorrångCo-founder and factotum
I’m currently studying Environmental Science at Linköping university.
Contact: maja@localwave.se
Sara Jonsson
Sara JonssonCo-founder and factotum
Contact: sara@localwave.se
Andreas Svensson
Andreas SvenssonIdea developer & Eko Gardener
Contact: andreas@localwave.se
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